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The project is a response to the need indicated by a group of the local producers from our country but also the partner countries who have an idea and aspirations to come onto the market, not only national but also extend the distribution and education to the international level.
We will invite local producers to participate in the project. Producers whose work often requires systematic and perform actions at a specific time of the day or with a predetermined space of time, so their participation in the proposed activities will be adapted to their daily duties. As a result, the actions will be implemented directly for them, on the spot, tailored to the specific and diagnosed needs, achieving  the expected results will be easier.
The main problem we want to solve is the lack of access to the training to raise the level of competence in the use of ICT and in the field of promotion and marketing designed especially for their needs which could take place and in effect are:
- Problems with the promotion and sales;
- the lack of opportunities to improve professional competence;
- The products are known only locally;
- Producers do not unite and cooperate, do not have opportunities to share experiences.

- Raise the level of ICT competence;
- Acquiring skills in the use of online tools in the process of lifelong learning;
- Learning through sharing experiences online - used in the promotion and distribution of regional products;
- Raise the level of marketing skills that lead to the development of small local producers and service providers which in the future may result in   creation of new jobs;
- To enable a decision about looking for a job in the market broadly understood local products (graduates of vocational schools);
- The increased popularity of organic local products;
- Popularization and promotion of the production : herbs, cheese, honey, vegetables, fruit, meat, handicrafts at the local and international market
- Popularization of products that occur naturally as a source of additional income;
- Establishing cooperation between schools enrolled in the agri-food sector and producers to familiarize young people with the production and   possible traineeship;
- Establishing cooperation with local government.

The project is targeted directly to small local producers and entrepreneurs engaged in the production of local products and organic food.
Indirectly recipients of the project will be:
- Partner organizations;
- Vocational schools;
- Organizations dealing with vocational formal and informal education;
- Local government;
- Institutions of the tourism industry.

Through international cooperation we will know the rules of functioning and standards from other countries involved in such actions. We enable to establish direct contact and cooperation between local producers of international partner countries but also, in principle, without any territorial restrictions.
Cooperation and communication will be based on the tools of telecommunications and international partner meetings: Email, facebook, Google platform, Youtube, Skype video conferencing with all the partners.
There are five partner meetings scheduled in the project. Besides, as expect to the needs of video discussions between partners or people who need it.
The aim of the international partner meetings will be to work together to ensure proper planning and evaluation, direct contact with the people and the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, review of the work done, having regard to general issues related to the project, evaluation of the actions undertaken during the implementation of the individual results, conditions of cooperation between the partners and to discuss the budget.
The meetings will be scheduled in advance by giving the agenda, schedule and available on the platform for all partners.
We are planning five partner meetings, which will be attended by two-person teams (except the first one). The first meeting will be held to clarify the principles of cooperation, to discuss financial issues, to sign the agreements. One representative of each organization will take part in this meeting.
In the next meetings, depending on the program and planned activities, may also attend representatives of the target groups.
Representatives of the target groups will be able to communicate with the setting up within the project Google platform.
After each meeting, the partner will create the newsletter with relevant information of the meeting, available on the project website and the online platform. It could also be distributed in the printed version.

Expected results:

Expected results will be achieved gradually during the implementation of the entire project and we assume that they will be strengthened even after its completion:
- Increasing access to specialized training offer based on international experiences;
- Improving the competence and knowledge of ICT;
- Increase knowledge about marketing and promotion;
- Consolidation of the environment (creation of formal and informal groups of producers);
- Joint connection of forces, resources and effort to promote the local market producers of local products, a very important aspect is international  cooperation because in our partner countries there is centuries-old tradition of this type of activity, and we can benefit from their experience and   transfer it to our local market in order to increase development and sales;
- This is consistent with the development strategy of our community which poses on a tourism development and promotion of Eko product
- Potential increase in employment in these industries;
- The creation of an international web platform for producer groups for exchanges, markets and professional development through ICT and   informal vocational education;
- Conducting ICT workshops enabling the use of free online tools to promote and sell products, business development, obtaining information;
- Exchange of experiences;
- Knowing the principles of operation partner organizations on its markets and getting the experiences from visits to partner countries;
- Raise the level of knowledge and skills in the creation of the brand in order to promote a product;
- Improve knowledge and skills in the use of free or low-cost ICT tools for the promotion, distribution, exchange of experiences;
- Increasing interpersonal skills through contacts locally and internationally;
- To enable the cooperation of small local producers with large companies to compare and gain experience;
- Strengthening cooperation between the Local Government, vocational schools and producers of local products.

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